A spatial planning toolkit for mayors and local government

  • If you are a secondary city or town that is expected to rapidly grow in the next 10-20 years and you want to learn how to manage that growth for a safe and sustainable city

  • The Toolkit will help you to 1) engage all relevant stakeholders, 2) identify growth areas, 3) plan growth areas and 4) implement growth areas, enabling you to plan for a rapidly growing city

  • The Toolkit is aimed at mayors, local government representatives and built environment practitioners that want to see positive change in the spatial planning of their city

How it Works

The Toolkit is a 4-step guide that helps you plan for rapid growth in your area

The planning for Rapid Urbanisation Toolkit draws on over 20 years of The Prince's Foundation experience and knowledge in creating sustainable, vibrant communities.

Our experience is drawn from working with communities across the globe.