Step 2

Creating the Rapid Growth Plan

Step 2

Having drafted your City Charter, it is important to decide which areas are most suitable to accommodate rapid urban growth and how these might be structured. Through a preparatory mapping exercise and a series of workshops, Step 2 will help you to create your Rapid Growth Plan, guiding future development.

Step 2 Activities

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Activity A

Preparing for the Rapid Growth Plan Workshop

This activity will help you to:

  • decide on a dedicated team and a project lead to undertake the Toolkit
  • create a coordinated series of maps that will provide a detailed picture of your city’s constraints and opportunities
Activity B

Workshop: Identifying the Future Growth Areas

This activity will help you to:

  • identify potential areas for expansion of your city, ensuring enough land to meet the projected population growth
  • create a Growth Area Options Plan that will guide how your city expands over the next 20 years
Activity C

Workshop: Creating the Rapid Growth Plan

This activity will help you to:

  • structure your identified growth areas as a series of walkable neighbourhood cells
  • identify one neighbourhood cell to plan in detail, known as our Rapid Growth Plan
  • undertake a site visit and design workshop