Step 3

Implementing the Rapid Growth Plan

Step 3

Step 3 is all about moving from participatory planning to implementation. By the end of Step 3 the key routes should be staked out, be that with posts, stakes, trees or similar, to ensure the protection of arterial roads and environmental and public spaces.

Step 3 Activities

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Activity A

Identifying Landowners and Stakeholders

This activity will help you to:

  • work out who owns and occupies the land in your chosen growth areas and how this land might be managed
  • engage more thoroughly with local issues in your growth areas, preparing you for the Rapid Growth Plan Workshop
Activity B

Workshop: Finalising the Rapid Growth Plan

This activity will help you to:

  • establish rights of way and land reservations in your chosen growth areas in order to implement your Rapid Growth Plan
  • guide the negotiation process around the Rapid Growth Plan in order to secure the land with both stakeholders and landowners
Activity C

Demarcating the Rapid Growth Plan on the Ground

This activity will help you to:

  • mark out your growth areas according to your Rapid Growth Plan using materials best suited to your local context e.g. tree planting
  • raise awareness of your vision amongst citizens and potential investors
  • build capacity in the community