Step 4

Building the Neighbourhoods

Step 4

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are about identifying, mapping and protecting key routes, sites and boundaries to create a walkable neighbourhood. Step 4 however is about how you fill in the neighbourhoods with buildings and structures. At this step a localised, context specific approach is extremely important.

Step 4 Activities

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Activity A

Preparing for the Neighbourhood Workshop

This activity will help you to:

  • assess the neighbourhoods within one growth area as a whole in terms of phasing, transport, density and basic services integration
  • assess a range of building materials as well as core aspects of building, landscape and urban design
  • consider techniques and practices to share with stakeholders and the community
Activity B

Neighbourhood Workshop

This activity will help you to:

  • discuss with stakeholders the designs, materials and practices identified in Step 4A
  • through collaboration, design buildings that learn from the past whilst incorporating new sustainable technologies
Activity C

Concept Designs Workshop

This activity will help you to:

  • create a concept design for a demonstration building (or buildings) within one of the
  • provide replicable examples of good building practice and design to encourage a wise use of local resources